Sleep fucked by the devil!


Honestly I feel like there is a devil inside me who wants to piss me off every time the word sleep is involved. When I go to bed, I could be at 9 pm or it could be 2 am doesn’t matter, sleeping is hard as fuck. And even harder to stand up in the morning. I lay in bad arguing with myself, discussing and discussing, should I stand up or just lay here all day? And when the good side finally wins and I stand up, I´m always too late for something, and need to rush to that thing. Never fails this situations, always happens.


Well I guess its motivation, because if you are getting up to reach a flight to the Bahamas, you would have no problem getting out of bed. Maybe this is a wakeup call for me to start doing more funny and interesting things in the morning. That’s literally all I had for you today, so see you soon fam!


Making Huge money online.

There is a lot of ways online to make money, but if you are new to it, how do you do it? In this post I will take you through some steps about how to make money, but first some basics.

The first things you must need to find out is where you want to make money, which field you want to succeed in.

First some easy ways to make money:

  1. Online betting matching: It works by taking advantage of free bets regularly offered by betting sites through ‘matching’ them at a betting exchange. So bet on both sides, and you either win big or u don’t lose at all.
  2. Online surveys can make you some money, not big money, but if you are eager enough you could make a couple of bucks.
  3. Review apps for cash is an easy way to also make some small incomes on the side.
  4. Become a delivery driver/ biker. Uber eats, Uber pays. Sign up and start delivering pizzas.
  5. Start a website. Some starts websites just like me to have fun, help people, and blow off some steam. Others use it to make money and get famous. If you have something good to say, people may listen. So start a website.

This was just some easy ways to make some quick cash, and really there isn’t any good explanation on how to make money online, because you have to know what you want to do. Example if you want to watch dogs, it easy to sign up and start babysit dogs. But if you don’t know what you want to make money off, it’s hard to get started. My tips would be to start in the small, and be willing to sign up. Use a little time and suddenly you have some side income.

There is one thing I haven’t told you, and soon I will tell you. It’s something online which only few know about. And if you are the right person you could make a lot of money on it. It is about social media, and how easy it is to make a name for yourself but also how you could make money on Instagram and Facebook.  Tune in later and I will tell you a story I recently learned, a story that made me 10 000 euros on one day.
See you later fam.!

Netflix and Porn

So what are your thoughts on Porn? I feel that a lot of people say they don’t watch or don’t watch often. I think porn is great, like it is, really. I don’t need it every day, and I can go a long time without it, but still watching insane hot girls fucking and doing all kinds of stuff you will never do in your life, that’s pretty nice. Every man fantasizes of a young 20-year-old girl with your whole cock inside her mouth, spit dripping down from her face. Also every girl watches some porn, just to fantasize about getting pounded by a 10-inch dark god. That my friends, Is a fact. If you don’t watch porn, you should, you’re the weirdo. If your reading this and thinking that I’m porn addicted, but let’s look at the fact before we go further.

  • Porn sites receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined each month.
  • 35% of all internet downloads are porn-related.
  • In 2016 alone, more than 4,599,000,000 hours of porn were consumed on the largest porn site in the world.
  • Eleven pornography sites are among the world’s top 300 most popular Internet sites. The most popular such site, at number 18, outranks the likes of eBay, MSN, and Netflix.

I mean if you don’t get a bit turned on by this, you’re not normal.

Image result for hot pornstar

I prefer sex, just to get that clear. Going to town, do all your moves, seduce a girl, getting her homer, put more moves on in bed and sealing the deal. Of course that’s better than porn, the real deal is almost always better than jerking off and creaming the backside of your mac. One thing I really love, is the game of sex. The snapchatting, tindering, dating, or Dm´s on Instagram, the game of fucking sex is lit. I like to comparing it to going hunting. You do your research (Instagram pics, blogs and so on) then you find the target and make contact (adding on snapchat, texting, Dm´s) and then you shoot (ask for a date, or Netflix and chill) the fun thing is that it can take two days or two years, and you can play more games at once. I don’t mean this in a “fuckboy” way, but like you have to have options, if there is many deer’s in the area, you can choose who you shot first.


Netflix and chill is also amazing. We have all heard about Netflix and chill, which literally really is just another way of saying “Today we are going to watch half a movie and then fuck.”  Tip for the you on this one, always go to her/him for Netflix and chill.

“It’s easier to leave, than kick her/him out.”

I hope you enjoy my bullshit post dudes and dudinnes.

The exams

Every time I have an exam I get a mental breakdown, literally can’t do anything after. My mind has melted. I mean getting an education is important, but fucking hell its hard. So I’m on my last year of a master, and I’m feeling close to the end now. it’s pretty sad actually because the student life is so good. I mean the parties, the girls, the constant feeling of having a good time. I’m going to miss it when I’m done, and I almost feel I miss it before its ended.

It’s really important with an education now as society keeps depending on the higher educated people. by 2025 most of the transport employers will stand without a job, and same for the workers at for big grocery stores. There will always be workers in the sections, but fewer will be needed. Also the student time is the best time of your life, so enjoy it while it last. The amount of information and knowledge you can take with you is enormous, also the amount of pussy and dick you can get is even bigger.

For those of you who reads this, I’m sorry for the bad language. I only write once, and don’t check for fail. I write from the heart, and leave nothing un told.

Peace out homies.

People who stare…..

The number one thing I hate most these days is people staring. Fuuuck you..! I’m an above average good looking dude, don’t have any scars in my face, I’m not fat, I’m not sick, its literally not much wrong with my face or body. I’m I the most handsome man on earth? Fuck no, look at Cristiano Ronaldo, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, those guys get stared at for being fucking gorgeous. But I’m still above average with no marks or anything on my face or body. So it really irritates me that people you walk past stare for so long.  The only thing I can think of right now is what I want to do to the people who overly stare:

  1. Breath loudly straight to their face
  2. Poke out their eyes
  3. Spit (not on them, but right in front of them) a thousand times.
  4. Take a BIG shit in a bag and give it to their mom on here birthday. With a little note that says “fuck you mom, raise your son/daughter better than to stare people down.)

I will not do this of course, because i would never have the guts to do it. I really want to do it tho. I mean I´m a calm secure guy. I have my moments of doubt, like we all have, like when my hair aren’t on point, or I have a pimple, or when I’m feeling that my skin is too white. But something about this overly use of staring makes me insecure, and it pisses me off. I have to run to the mirror and check if I have anything in my face, a bugger or something. I don’t feel like these persons that stare should die, but please god, don’t bring them with me to heaven.

Peace out!

The main man

I recently found out that many girls criticise men, and women for either being a “hunk” or a “player”, or having sex with one. “Did you see Ashley hocked up with Matt last week? I hear he is having sex with different women every week.” basically you are hating on a man who get a lot of pussy. And early, on here is my point: There is a big difference between trying and accomplishing. Don’t hate a player, for being good looking and good with the ladies, because the next time you are on town, you’re not looking for the good guy.  you goanna let that 186 cm high , dark haired, muscular hunk deep drill you just as much as the girl  you criticised last week for sleeping with the player. That’s like saying; “Peter is so ugly and fat.” and you sit there 350 pounds yourself, murdering a double Big tasty from Burger King.  Some of you are looking for nice men, but you are not drinking enough.

Back to my point, I see that a guy who is trying too hard, and being a dick towards woman’s should be punched down, so that he never could come back up. but don’t hate a player for being good looking.

If a female has sex with many guys, she is considered a slut, whore or worse. If a guy has sex with many girls he is considered a player, a hunk, a champion.  I can’t say that I like this very much, but that’s society. I personally find it intriguing that woman has experience, for me that means les teeth when you handle my golf club.  There is not much sense to this post, just something i heard the other day that bothered me, stay tuned fam.

Two genders?

Well how else to start this blog than with one of the most discussed topics lately?

From I was just a little specimen to the man I am today, I have always had the perception of that its only two genders. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, but I have a hard time seeing its wrong. So the most used counter response to “there is only two genders” is that it’s a big difference between sex and gender. Also many people are stating that man and woman is gender roles, we as a society created. But I have to ask you this; if its more than two genders, how many are there? Could we work as a society with this unknown?

So biological one could never change that there are two genders, that’s a fact, regarding the sex.  Ben Shapiro said to one person at a conference, if you are 22, why aren’t you 60? if I was 14 and identify as 22, should it be legal for me to buy beer? This made a lot of sense to me, why should I accept that you identify as something else, why should we as a society change the rules, and the structure so that you could feel better. Also at some point in Canada, the government was willing to put people in jail for calling a woman a man. So if you met a female who looked somewhat like a man because she changes her looks, but she still looked womanly. And you called her a woman, jo could be put in jail. Do whatever you want to feel better, operate, change your looks, call yourself what you want, but don’t demand me to change my life. I’m willing to say he to a her, go her to a him. Come to the men’s toilet even if you are a woman. But don´t put me in jail just because I don’t call you a fucking moose, just because you identify as that.

Also in MMA a man identified as a woman, and after only two years HE stepped into the octagon and fucked up a lot of girls. For me there is only two genders, only two sexes, and if you dont agree, tell me why and please keep your arguments civil.